SOUTH FLORIDA's Trusted Vinyl Buyers

Our boutique online business model gives us a unique advantage over other record buyers in the area. We can pay top dollar for quality vintage records and are currently the #1 rated buyer of highly collectible and other common record collections in Palm Beach County. If you think you might have valuable records that you would like to sell, we would love to buy them or give you an assessment of their value. You can expect to be treated with respect, fairness and expedited service at Palm Beach Vinyl. 

Are You Local? (West Palm Beach & Surrounding Areas)

For most local record, tape, or CD collections it is usually best to bring them to us. We can always pay a little more when you bring the music to us. If this is not an option, let us know and we will do our best to accommodate coming to you. Call 561-946-2703 for questions and to set up a time for us to buy your records. We are very responsive and are always buying. 

Local Sellers:

  1. Call 561-946-2703 to coordinate a time (or for questions). You can also reach out via the website chat.
  2. Bring your records records to us (We are near Forest Hill and Dixie in West Palm Beach, FL)
  3. We flip through your collection make you a generous cash offer based on the actual resale value of your records. It takes 10-20 minutes to flip through most record collections to check condition to determine the value based on it's contents.

Ship Records to Us (Long Distance Buys):

  1. We buy small to medium sized record collections from collectors all over the USA. Customers ship records to us all the time, it is easy and very cost effective to ship 50-80 records per shipment via USPS Media Mail. This is a very efficient way for us to buy records and we pay about 2-3 times what you can get from an on the spot buy at a local record shop. When you mail us your records we are able to grade and price them out the in detail which eliminates our risk and gets you the best return for your collection in bulk. Call 561-247-2703 let us know what you have. You can also reach out via our Contact Us page or our website chat.
  2. Ship the records to us (we will provide instructions).
  3. We will grade and price out your collection and reach out with an offer for your approval that is based on recent resale prices.
  4. Once an agreement is made we will issue payment immediately and the records will be integrated into our upcoming record drop.

Large Collections

If you have special needs or a large record collection that is too large to transport then you may request for us to come on-site buy appointment. Call 561-946-2703

Vinyl Record Donations

Unlike when you donate to thrift stores and thrift non-profits, donations to museums which do not resell your donated goods can in many cases be entirely tax deductible. We work with one of the nation's most reputable non-profit audiophile museums to curate donations and provide valuations for tax purposes. We can also buy a portion of your collection and help facilitate a donation of the rest to the museum. Call for more information.