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Ultrasonic Record Cleaning Service

For $5 per record our Ultrasonic record cleaning service will renew and revive your vinyl records. We use a thorough two step process for the best results. First we clean your records on our Pro-Ject wet brush and turbo vac system to remove most of the deep contamination, dust, and dirt. Your records are placed on the spinning platter while we hand brush the grooves in both directions and then run the vac to remove the dirt and liquid. This step will make even the dirtiest records appear clean again. Finally we run the records through our final Ultrasonic step to remove contaminants from deep inside the grooves and bring the records back to their original pristine groove surface.

  • First stage Pro-ject wash + vac
  • Second stage Ultrasonic
  • New Clear Outer Sleeves
  • New Inner master sleeves
  • Sticker date labels on inner sleeve mark date of cleaning